Blackstone Agency and PT Indofarma Tbk Provide PPE for Medical Personnel in Indonesia

APRIL 18, 2020


To meet the needs of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for medical personnel who are handling Corona or Covid-19 virus outbreaks, the "DARI KAMI UNTUK INDONESIA" social program initiated by Blackstone donates PPE and spraying disinfectants for free.


Blackstone Indonesia and PT Indofarma Tbk with several private companies and partners, provided PPE for medical personnel.


Dari Kami Untuk Indonesia for Humanity

"DARI KAMI UNTUK INDONESIA" donates PPE for healthcare workers in hospitals and spraying disinfectants free of charge in collaboration with Skylar Ventures, Blackstone Indonesia, PT Indofarma TBk, Firden Pest Control and several other companies. Other assistance came from the KOKI.ID pilot application which also helped with the home cooking order program Rp.1, - which is available on the android application. In the near future, it is hoped that more companies will participate and contribute more to providing PPE, medical devices or other assistance to unite against the Covid-19 pandemic.


Through his Instagram account, the CEO of Blackstone Digital Agency Indonesia and Skylar Ventures, Aldi Sky Wungkana emphasized that the PPE is not for commercial use. However, to be donated to medical staff who are handling Covid-19 patients in referral hospitals and others.


"The medical standard PPE that we provide is not intended for commercial or individual use. This is for donations," he said. "For spraying disinfectants and other assistance provided by our clients and business partners, this is intended directly for the community. For those who really need, can contact us."


Even though PPE supplies and disinfectant removal may be of little help, Skylar Ventures, Blackstone Agency, PT Indofarma Tbk, Firden Pest Control, and partners still want to contribute to fighting the pandemic with their abilities. Currently, "DARI KAMI UNTUK INDONESIA" waiting for confirmation of willingness to donate from several other partner companies.



About Indofarma:

PT Indofarma Tbk is one of the State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) that supports the Indonesian Government’s program to continuously improve health services for the people.


About Blackstone:

Blackstone is a digital marketing agency in Jakarta, established since 2012, which is also part of Skylar Ventures (PT Skylar Kapital Indonesia).


About Skylar Ventures:

Skylar Ventures is a venture partner company that continues to look for ways to continue to be able to help conventional and digital small and medium-sized businesses and strengthen startup companies in Indonesia. In the near future Skylar Ventures in collaboration with several groups of investors and financial companies in Asia will launch a program for 100 Startups and microfinance aimed at accelerating economic growth in Indonesia.

About Firden: is one of the pioneering companies engaged in the handling and prevention of pests, bacteria and viruses in Indonesia.


About the KOKI App:

Koki.ID is a startup, a marketplace for chefs and home cooks who can sell their cuisine through the app. Foodies can enjoy food, communicate and be served directly by their favorite chefs.